What is app lock? What its work?

App lock: It is a app/software that we are use to save data from unknown user or when your phone is stolen.

Why we use applock: this is a app for save data as hidden like that you not want to show to anyone then app lock help you to hide the data. It provide you a password option to show or hide data
 How to open anyone APPLOCK :
1. Go to setting >> apps >> applock >> disable and you will find applock password is removed and you can see all files and documents
2. Go to menu and long click on applock icon and drag it to uninstall option and click okk now you also find app lock is removed from app apps and you can see all files and documents

How to prevent your data from unknown user :  
1.  Use app lock password on setting option I.e. no one can open your setting option and your data will be safe.
2. Use app lock on installer pakage administrative that is no one can uninstall it and your data be safe.
How to hide your app lock :
1. Go to menu
2. Click on setting option
3. Again click setting
4. Go to hide option .
5. Select app that you want to hide
And click ok
How to find any app lock if that hidden go to dialpad and dial *#*#1234#*#*
And if app lock is hidden that will be open. In some phones it will directly open and in some phone need to press dial option.
2nd method :

Go to any browser and search for domobile.com/applock in tab and click on blue tab

And your applock will be unhide or open



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