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                                       USB Clock Fan

USB Led Clock Fan
USB clock fan gadget
➤So this is a new and cool gadget known as USB led clock fan.The name of the gadget tells it all.
➤Using this USB led clock fan gadget we can see time displaying on a rotating fan with awesome light effects and good looking.The best part is that we can connect it to the laptop through USB and we can use it, although we can connect it to our smartphones using the OTG cable too.
➤For people who like fancy things, this gadget is especially for you guys.
                                 Let’s know some more details about this gadget
➡Safe and soft PVC fan blades, so no harm as the blades will be soft.
➡Flexible neck and free to adjust so that you can turn it to any position you like.
➡Time is remembered even after you turn it off, maybe this doubt has come into your mind, I think        it’s solved now.
➡Super light weight only 60 grams, so it will be easy to carry around.
➡Simple plug and play.
➡Easy to set time.
➡Easy on/off button.
➡Press and hold the power button until minute hand blinks and then you can set time easily.

USB Led Clock Fan
USB Led Clock Fan
                                                          Points to remember
➠Be gentle and don’t press hard on USB connector when adjusting.
➠Dont hinder the movement of the fan blades when they are rotating.It may shorten the life of               gadget.
USB Led Clock Fan

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