Unknown Facts About Google


Happy Birthday Google

Unknown facts about google :

Let us know few information about google and unknown facts about google that don’t know.

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey brin while they were Ph.D student sin stanford university on september 4 1998.Since then it is a successful company and helped lot of students to learn find as well as teach.

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Well i have to say that the article you are reading is also a part of google.As People can read through google search results.

Now let us see some facts about google that you don’t know.

1.The word google is derived from the mathematical term “googol” which is equal to 1 with 100 zeros following with it

2.Larry Page and Sergey brin originally names google “Backrub !” . But i wonder why they choose that name.

3.As a part of green initiative google takes goats for rental for to mow the lawns of their Mountain view head quarters.

4.The i’m feeling lucky button on home page of google costs $110 million every year because it bypass all ads to go to top search immediately.

5.Since 2010 google has been acquiring an average of 1 company per week.

6.Lary and Sergeys private planes have run way in NASA.where no other planes are allowed to land.

7.Google own its own misspellings as well.like gogle, googel,gooogle.

8.The first google storage computer was built with legos.

9.There is a mirror version of google in which everything is shown in reverse.

10.Google wanted to sell itself to an online company “Exite” for 1 million dollars ,but they rejected.Now google is worth $300 billion….


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