How To Unblock Facebook Account And why Accounts Get Blocked

How to unblock facebook account
How to unblock facebook account

How to unblock Facebook account and why accounts get blocked

So almost everyone use a Facebook account now a days .

Facebook has lot of awesome features and continously it’s popularity is increasing as well as new features are coming up.

As facebook is one of the largest social media network there are lot of scammers in it who misuse facebook i.e using in a way it’s not meant to use.

To overcome spam and fake accounts Facebook shown up with lot of ways to avoid.

One of the option is reporting profile if the person do something wrong in facebook or tease girls ,use nude pics etc..

If you see any profile like that you can probably report that particular profile to facebook by going to their profile and click on 3 dotted menu on android app then you can see few options like blocking ,report.

Then you can see options for selecting reason to report like this account have nude pics,this is a fake account,etc.

Choose the correct one and report.

So There are few people who use the report option in a way that’s not intended to use like reporting their enemies profile or reporting your profile of jealous because you are more popular than them ,whatever the reason.

So when they report your profile using their friends accounts or a large amount of members report ,your account will get blocked by Facebook.

Now you know how your Facebook account will get blocked and why.

So here is the way to unblock your account only if your account is genuine and doesn’t violate Facebook rules.

1.First of all go to browser and open Facebook.

2.Enter your email/phone number and password.

3.Then if you see a message from Facebook to upload your Photo then simply upload a clear photo of yourself that you never uploaded in Facebook before and wait for ID to open it may take few days.

In some cases it may ask for both ID and Your photo.

If your account is disabled then you can go to this linkĀ and you can see a page like below.If yes then proceed to below steps for appeal.


How to unblock facebook account
How to unblock facebook account
How to unblock facebook account
How to unblock facebook account

4.Fill the account details like your email or phone number and user name ,As you see that Facebook needs your ID , particularly government issued ID like Passport,Driving License or Aadhar Card – India or any gov issued ID card.

  • The ID must have the name same as you have in your Facebook ID and Date of birth should match from your Facebook ID.
  • The above point 100% Must to follow and If you have different name,DOB in your Gov ID then Go to Advanced section by scrolling down below.Else proceed to below steps.

5.after getting your ID simply Upload and also note that your picture should be clear and details also should be clear in ID.

6.Now you have to wait for 5-10+ days or it can be done in even lesser time.[My personal experience is that it took 6 days]

7.So simply wait until your ID gets unlocked daily try logging in to account after 4-5 days.[before 4-5 days leave account and don’t try to login]

Advanced Section:

  • This section is for opening fake accounts and accounts with different names from Gov ID i.e FB name and name in ID does not match.
  • Photoshop or any editing software: Yes you can edit your ID proof to match your Facebook details and upload.
  • No idea about that ? then don’t worry we can do it for you just send us a message to our page and we will Get back to you.we will edit your ID to match name and DOB and even photo.
  • Note: We cannot edit your ID for free and we charge a small fee as low as 1$ to 5$ depending on your need.

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