Google Launched : Storyboard app – selfissimo app – scrubbies app

storyboard Selfissimo & Scrubbies
storyboard Selfissimo & Scrubbies

Google Launched New Apps : Storyboard app – selfissimo app – scrubbies app

1.Storyboard App

storyboard app

Well Search Engine giant Launched an app called storyboard exclusively for the android users.

The app storyboard was launched on Tuesday of December 2017 along with the other two apps Selfissimo & Scrubbies

Whats is Storyboard app for?

Well Its a photography app , what it does is turns your videos into comics.

storyboard app

Lets say you selected a video in storyboard app ,it will convert video to images ,i.e it just turns any uploaded video into frames of comic images.

You will definitely have fun with this app by converting your daily life videos into comic type images which will be very cool ,your own comic stories can be easily created  from them.

Google also mentioned that Storyboard is an “appsperiment” that relies on technologies under active research at Google, so its performance may vary depending on your device.



Well this is like a black and white photo booth in your phone.

What this app does is take photos of different styles and reactions of you automatically once setup to start with a timer.

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You can capture different pose with this app and best thing is either you can save all photos or you can save particular photo you like.

This selffismo app available for both android and ios.



Scrubbies app is different from above apps. You can “scrub” with one finger to plays a video and scrub using two fingers for a playback you can save.

The app “lets you easily manipulate the speed and direction of video playback to produce delightful video loops that highlight actions, capture funny faces, and replay moments and lot more easily.

The main thing is that this app is only available for the ios users.Maybe android also may get in future.


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