Rooted android device uses

A lot of people have been asking about what rooted androids should have. So, I made this list of helpful tools that can make your android phone work more efficiently.

Tasker – Total Automation, From Settings to SMS.

* Triggers: App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer, Plugins
* Actions: 200+ built-in, plugin support
* Tasks: loops, variables, conditions
* Scenes: design your own screen overlays
* App Creation: create your own standalone apps to share or sell! (Android 2.3+)
Installed it on my phone and now its like a robot doing things for me.

Titanium Backup – This amazing app can backup your whole android device data. Plus, in my opinion, NO app can definitely beat this when it comes to backing up a device.

SuperSU – “A soldier can’t go without his rifle”. This app is needed in every rooted device. Acts like a manager which gives a permission to any of the rooted apps available out there.

Greenify – Greenify helps you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in an unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground.

ROM Manager – * Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery.
* Manage your ROMs via a handy UI.
* Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android!
* Install ROMs from your SD card.
* Install your favorite ROMs over the air!
I myself tried this. So far, I’ve been flashing ROMs without the hassle of downloading such as flash tools etc.

ROM Toolbox – is THE MUST HAVE APP for every root user. Yes it is. Its like a set of knives ready to cut through androids system.

SCR Screen Recorder – Want to make yourself some Tuts? Or just wanted to record that high score of your’s in a game through a video? Then this app is for you my friend.

[root] Triangle Away – Another masterpiece by Chainfire. Many Samsung devices store a flash counter that keeps track of how many times you have flashed *custom* firmwares to your device. On some devices, a yellow triangle or other sort of visual warning is also displayed during boot if you are running a *custom* firmware. TriangleAway was built to disable the triangle (if a visual warning is present) and reset the custom ROM flash counter to 0.

SetCPU for Root Users – SetCPU is a tool for changing the CPU settings on a rooted Android phone or tablet. SetCPU works with a great variety of Android devices and ROMs, including the HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy series, and Nexus devices. You’re under control: SetCPU can improve your performance, save battery, or both!
Automate SetCPU with profiles! SetCPU allows you to set up powerful profiles to change your settings under certain conditions, such as what app is running, when the phone is asleep or charging, when the battery level drops below a certain point, when the phone’s temperature is too high, or during certain times of day. See the screenshots for examples of how you might set up profiles.

ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP) – For those with low internal storage. You can use this awesome app made by ROEHSOFT. Swapfile can make your RAM function or to be straight, your android phone be fast.

Total Commander – file manager – A good app file manager made by C. Ghisler. Can do a lot of features using this app.

GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer) – I like this app very much. It optimizes your android graphics (specifically in a game) and can make your game work smoother. You’ll see what i’m trying to say once you downloaded this app.

SD Maid – Nobody is perfect and Android neither.
Apps you have already deleted, sometimes leave data behind.
The system constantly creates logs, crash reports and debug files you don’t really need.
Your SD-card is collecting files and directories you don’t recognize.
Lets not go on here……..

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