Nokia 5 and Nokia 6
Nokia 5 and Nokia 6

Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 receive Android 8.0 or Android oreo

Nokia 5 and Nokia 6

Before going to actual topic let’s just discuss few things about android oreo or android 8.0

Android Oreo Or Android 8.0 Is The Most Awaited Version Among Its Previous Versions.Since The Google Confrims Its Name And Its Features.Its popularity Is rising Day By Day. Thats The Reason Why this Post Is Now Before You
Android Oreo Has Few Mind Blowing Features Which Makes You To Dream About It.I May Not Cover All Of Them But Few Are Below
 Auto Fills Pre Saved data (Passwords,Credit Cards Etc)
✓ Picture In Picture (Allows You To Use Two Apps At Once Like Using Facebook While Watching Youtube )
✓ Notification Dots
✓ Android Instant Apps
Not Only These They Are Lot More Features But These Are Enough For Us
 Juho Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer of HMD Global earlier this year announced that all the Nokia smartphones launched this year will be receiving the same Oreo treatment.
But as we know nokia 8 have already cameup with the android 8.0 the next mobiles to recieve android oreo or android 8.0 are nokia 5 and nokia 6 .
Nokia is known for its brand and its good battery backup as well as stable models in which they recently came up with lot of new models.
So we just have to wait for some time to get the official release of android oreo or android 8.0 for nokia 5 and nokia 6
Also nokia 5 and nokia 6 mobiles came up with good specifications and very good models along with good battery life.
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