Monetize your blog or website other than adsence

Monetization with other services

There are a number of 3rd-party content monetization services you can implement with our HTML/Javascript gadget. Just follow the steps listed below.

Enabling 3rd-party content monetization services

On your dashboard, click on the gray drop-down menu next to the Post List
icon and select Layout.

Click Add a gadget.

From the gadget list, under “Basic,” select the HTML/Javascript gadget.

Visit the 3rd party monetization service you wish to install on your blog (i.e., VigLink, SkimLinks, etc.). Copy the unique code snippet to your clipboard.
Back on Blogger, paste the code snippet under “Content” (leave the title field empty.) Click Save.

Finally, view your blog to make sure that the monetization HTML is working as expected. If you run into problems, double check to see if the code snippet was copied and pasted correctly.

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