Hack Apps And Games With Lucky Patcher

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What Is Lucky Patcher And How to Hack Apps And Games With It.

So this guide is for beginners as well as pro users  on how to hack android apps and games with lucky patcher.Let us divide this guide into below sections.
1.Lucky Patcher App introduction
In this section we are going to learn about what is Lucky Patcher app.
2.App abilities
We are going to learn what we can do with Lucky Patcher app.
3.How to Hack games and Apps without root.
So this the interesting part and lot of normal users need this section.
4.How to Hack Games and Apps with Root.
For pro users of android devices on how to hack apps and games.
5.Warning and Note.
some dont’s and importent points to note about lucky patcher apk.

6.Download link

Lets Continue……….

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1.Lucky Patcher Introduction

Lucky patcher is an android app used for patching,cracking or hacking android apps and games also it can be used to block ads in apps and games.Basically you can use app to buy any paid packages for free.It is a free app but not available in play store so you have to download it from google or link is provided below.The app is good and almost works on 95% of devices.

2.Abilities or uses of Lucky Patcher

Yup Lucky Patcher can hack apps-in app purchases means if an app got in app purchase like buy pro themes within app but to remove ads etc….

And coming to Games you can get unlimited coins,directly buy coins,gems,whatever with in game for free.

you can use LP to get modded play store .

Can moves apps/games to sd card or from sd card to internal memory.

You can backup app and its data.Share app.

Removing license verification.Changing apps components,create modified apk file and more…

3.How to Hack games and Apps without root.


So most of android users do not know what is root ,few people know but they fear to root android thinking any damage will happen lo android.But they use apps, play games and want to hack ,tired of low coins or see anything that they want to buy with in app either stickers or anything.

This method is for you guys.So simply install the Lucky Patcher and open it.

Now from top right side menu click on update custom patches and wait it will download custom patches.After doing it you can see list of all installed apps and games.

Select the app or game you want to hack and after clicking on patches you can see an option create modified apk click on it,if there is a custom patch available then simple select custom patch and proceed to create modified apk.If custom patch not available select in app or lvl emulation if you want to hack in app purchases.

Wait some time and it will create a modified apk and it will show the modified apk file ,now minimize the LP app and uninstall the main app and again go back to LP as you can see the modded apk simply click on it and install and you have to uninstall original app before installing modded apk or it will not work.

After installing Modded apk open and if you have applied patch for app to buy premium features then simply go to the option to buy and click on buy a lucky patcher window will open and select /tick options top 3 or 2 and proceed and purchase will be successful even without redirecting to play store and for free.

Do the same for games, just click on buy on the tab where purchase is available and you can buy for free.

For Non Rooted users little hard and for using LP.

You can also create modded apk with removed ads or removing license verification too.

4.How to Hack Games and Apps with Root.


So you have rooted your android device successfully.Well most of android users root their devices in order to hack games and apps.

Rooted users can simply install app and go to app update custom patches from top right menu then select app/game you want to hack and click on it.

Then select patches and select your desired patch ,if custom patch available then select it or if not available select in app or lvl emulation if you want to hack in app purchases and patch it.After patching is done you will see a screen with successfully patched or not.if yes then open app and buy coins,gems,etc for free.

5.Warning and Note.

warnings: Don’t patch system apps if you don’t know what you are doing.

Take app data backup before patching.

Don’t patch more than one time.

Note: Lucky Patcher Don’t work for all apps and games ,mainly for online games like clash of clans ,8 ball pool etc.


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