Locky Ransomware Returns and spreading

Locky ransomware
Locky ransomware
Government has issued an alert on the spread of locky ransomware.Locky ransomware will encrypt your data and lock your files and later on demand to pay whatever amount they ask and then only they will decrypt.
Indian computer emergency response team [ICERT]warned all internet users to look out for any suspicious emails with file atachments.The common way attackers used to spread Lockey Ransomware.CERT said that a massive amount of email campaign in which 23 million emails have been sent tricking to install Lockey Ransomware through emails.
CERT advised people not to click on attachments on email,like print now,photos,documents,any other files.How ever they may change methods to send or spread Locky Ransomware.The message contains zip file with visual basic scripts embedded in secondary file,the VBS file contains a downloader which pols to domain ‘greatesthits[dot]mygoldmusic[dot]com'(Dont visit this malicious website) to download varients of Locky Ransomware.CERT said.
Locky is the one of the most popular ransomware and first to have a large impact globally.The first reports of Locky Ransomware were reported last year.But other king of ransomware such as petya and wannacry become more prevalent.Last month security firms Symantec, MalwareBytes, and Comodo and others reported about resurgence of Locky ransomware in cyber attacks.
Last month malwarebytes reported about two Locky Ransomeware varients that used file extension .diablo6 , .lukitus.
So you should be careful and do not click on any suspicious links and open suspicious emails,better take backup of your files.best way to protect yourself is to take backup ,upload your important files to cloud storages.Dont place importent files in hard disks which are always attached to pc,instead place your files in drive and only use it when you need.
Best possible solution to stay safe from Locky Ransomware is avoid clicking external links,suspicious links,emails,any suspicious downloads.once your’e attacked by Locky Ransomware You have to pay defenetly to decrypt.
Locky ransomware
Locky ransomware

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