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Kine Master

Kine Master editing app for android

Professional Video Editing Using Mobile.

Today we are going to learn about the professional video editing using mobile with an app called Kine Master.
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So , now a days we all are editing the videos using several apps available on playstore and enjoying the free features they offer.

●Frequently most of the people are using some apps like

◆kine master
◆viva video editor
◆video show etc.,
●But which is better among these all apps ?

●Can we edit the video like Proffessionals for free on these apps?

●The answer is NO.( It is possible with pro versions of some apps to edit like proffesionals.)

◆Regarding features they offer and in my experience on using , kine master is the one that allows more features and most effective editor.

◆The major feature it contain is the ‘Chroma key’.

◆But this feature does not support for most devices when you download directly from play store.

◆Its a pro feature or effective for some devices only.

●◆●But what is chroma key●◆●

●Are you even wonder how the stunning graphics and vfx are made on films.?

● They use the green screen technique.

●The action made in front of a green cloth or screen is very easy.

●Later it is edited and with added effects we call it as vfx.

●This green screen effects are editable only with kine master (in my view).

◆●◆So, coming to our topic ◆●◆

◆If we even get access to chroma key , after editing a video and exporting it to device , we have a logo mentioning that it was edited by using kine master.

◆A logo was appearing at the bottom of each video we edited.

◆Not only in kine master , all apps include this logos in free versions.

◆Now , we don’t want that logo in our videos and also we don’t want to pay any money for removing it.

◆But what the solution??

●◆●Here it is●◆●

●We recognize the same problem when coming to video editing and worked for a solution .

●We make it for free to use by all of our visitors.

●◆Our .apk doesn’t contain any logo.

●◆Even it supports chroma key for all devices(almost all).

●◆Some people are worked for this and when ever they turn on the internet connection they face some problems with the apk.

●◆We overcome that problem too.

●◆Our apk works even if you turn on internet .

●◆●So why are you waiting , Click the below link and get the apk and enjoy proffesional video editing.

Download Link:

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