Iphone 8 Launched:

Lets see difference between iphone 8 and iphone 7 and iphone 6

iphone 8 :

Lets see iphone 8 features.

It will come with new 3D facial recognition at top of the phone,front side for unlocking the device and making secure payments.

There will be also infrared sensor that will help users to help unlock device in low light conditions too using face recognition.

Smart camera with improved sense and object detection.

iphone 8 is said to feature inductive charging.

It has a longer power button on the side.

iphone 8 comes with bigger display than previous models and have aspect ratio.

Users will be able to tap on the Apple iphone 8 screen to wake up the handset,very much useful feature used on lot of smart phones.

Its expected that it will cost 1000$ and it’s powered by quad core 2.5 paired processor with 4 GB ram and it comes with a 2350 mah battery and it comes with 12 mp rear camera with 4k video recording quality at 60 fps and 1080 video at 250 fps.The front camera comes with 7 mp with support of 1080 ,30 fps.

It comes with iOS 10 and it can be upgraded to iOS 11.

It has been launched 12 th of september 2017 on the event of Apple’s 11 th anniversary.

launched at Apple Park Campus In Cupertino,California.

iphone 7 :

iphone 7

Let’s see iphone 7 features.

Both iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus have upgraded cameras.

It has flash with good lighting and efficiency and it comes with 12 mp rear camera with 4x zooming capacity and 7 mp rear cash with good quality capturing for selfie and any video chats.

It is powered by quad core Apple fusion 10 processor with 64 bit core CPU with 50% more faster than the Apple A 9 processor.It has two high performance cores and two efficiency core for good battery life and performance.

Iphone 7 is slimmer than iphone 6 and also weight is less compared to iphone 6 ,iphone 7 weights 138 while iphone 6 weights 143 gms.

iphone 7 comes with stereo speakers and have one at top and ,one at bottom which improves sound quality said by apple.

It comes with water proof ability which means it can be immersed upto 1m depth in water.

It comes with 32 ,64 ,128 GB internal storage instead of 16 gb.

No head phone jacks,earphones have wireless connection to mobile.

Now apple has designed new home button to iphone 7

silver gold gold rose are new colors available in iphone 7.

It comes with good display and more brighter(25%) than other models.

Well it gives long lasting battery than i phone 6 and iphone 6 plus

It costs up to 649$ to 749$

iphone 6:

iphone 6

Iphone 6 got more bigger screen than iphone 5.

It comes with 4.7 inch display.

1335 x 750 resolution.

while iphone 5 has 7.5 mm thickness , iphone 6 comes with 6.9 mm thickness which is better and slim compared to iphone 5.

iphone 6 comes with Apple A 8 processor ,it delivers speed and enchantment. iphone 6 sensors include gyroscope,barometer ,accelerometer and compass.

compared to iphone 5 it will give more efficiency in battery life and 50% more good in performance than iphone 5.

it supports VOLTE which supports better calling and good quality of sound through calling.

Iphone 6 starts at 199$ to 299$ and comes with 16 ,64 ,128 GB instead of 32 GB

Now you can easily compare between the iphone 8 iphone 7 and iphone 6

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