Here is a way to send apps in WhatsApp easily!

◆You can not only send apps,you can send any files with this method!

Let’s see how to do it!

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1.Download an app called ●Es file explorer●

It’s a free app and you can easily download it from Google!

2.Now Open Es file explorer and Goto the folder in which the app you want to send is located!

3.Not long press on app and click on rename.

4.Now change .apk to .txt or .PDF

5.Now simply open WhatsApp and select documents and goto the folder of the app that you renamed.As we renamed to .Txt it will be easily sent as txt file.

6.That’s it now using this method you can send any files.But note that other user need Es file explorer to change back the extension from .Txt to .apk.


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