Root Android 6.0 or Marshmallow

Almost everyone use android device ,but ever wanted to use the 100% of android device and extra cool features.well by using normal android device you cant use extra awesome features what you need is root access.
Before actually going into how to root android marshmallow or android 6.0 first let us know few details about what is rooting of android mobile and it’s advantages as well as dis-advantages.

What is rooting of android device.

so basically android operating system doesn’t allow root level access to the apps and users ,simply root access means giving permission to modify or rewrite system files.By rooting process we simply give root authorization to all apps as well as user so that you can modify the OS to what ever design and font ,etc you like.
Now you got an idea about what is rooting of android device.

Advantages of Rooting Android Device

1.Full customization of design.
2.change imei
3.change android id
4.Increase RAM.
5.Increase speed.
6.Flash custom OS.
7.Battery optimization.
8.Run linux.
9.Hack apps and games.
10.Run cool apps that wont work on normal devices,lot more….

Dis-advantages of rooting Android Device

1.Your device may brick.
*Hard brick can be hard to recover and soft brick can be recovered.
2.Boot loop-your device will be stuck in logo while switching on.
3.Only do what you know or you device will be damaged.
4.Root will void your warranty.
5.Damage you’r OS.
But comparing to rooting uses ,dis-advantages are far as you know what you are doing with rooted device ,you are good to go.
Now coming to Rooting Guide.

Android 5.0 or Lollipop and lower version of android devices can be easily rooted with 99% risk free and only few cases will fail.

To root android 5.0 or below you can use following apps.

king root
kingo root

frama root
360 root

few more apps available but i suggest above apps to root.

Here is the part you are waiting for Root Android Marshmallow.

So one thing i’m telling you clearly is that you cant use above apps that has been used to root android 5.0 and below devices.To root android 6.0 below are the things you need

1.Custom Recovery
2.SuperSu zip
3.Your device original stock Firmware.

There are 3 ways to get custom recovery for android 6.0.

Before knowing them,let me give you a small introduction about what is custom recovery.
custom recovery is the menu with lot of options like once you install custom recovery to your device ,no need of PC and you can install custom OS,take full backup,recover from any software issue and lot more….

1.Create your own recovery like TWRP or CWM.This one is hard and you need coding skills.

2.Port from similar device like your device,find similar device with specifications like your device and check google and you tube if there is a custom recovery available for that model and you can port it.(check google on how to port custom recovery)

3.This is same as above but instead of porting just use the similar device’s custom recovery.Only use if matches 99% of specifications and all.

SuperSu Zip

you can get it from supersu official website ,just google it and download latest version.

Stock Firmware.

Download stock firmware of your device either from official site of your device manufacturer or any third party site.


Now i hope you found the custom recovery and downloaded both stock firmware and suprsu zip.

what you have to do is go to the stock firmware you downloaded and unzip it ,in the main folder of firmware you will find recovery.img simply replace it with the custom recovery.img you found or created.

Now as you have downloaded firmware tool’s to flash it also will be provided in zip file.

Install drivers for your device if provided in firmware file or install manually through google.

Now simply use flash tool and flas OS ,note this will erase all data.

After flashing is complete ,don’t switch on device.Go to recovery ,as different models have different key combination to enter recovery mode.

Example: For micromax mobiles pressing volume up and power button at a time for 5-10 seconds will take you to recovery.

Just find your devices key combination from customer care or google.

After entering Recovery you can see install zip option ,now copy to memory card and insert it and mount it.

By clicking on install zip , select supersu zip and continue after few minutes you get a message flashed successfully ,now switch on and if everything is right you will see normal android screen ,you can check root access by using root checker app if anything is wrong then your device will stuck at switching on.

To recover your android device to normal state simple again flash firmware without changing recovery.img file..

If you need any help then comment below or contact us.

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