This Is How 90-95% Of Hackers Try To Hack Facebook Account.

Hack facebook password
◆There are many ways to hack Facebook accounts,which includes.
*R.A.T.S(Spy apps)
*Session hijacking
*Cookies stealing
And Few More!

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◆But in our Video Tutorial we explained how hackers use phishing to hack Facebook Accounts.
◆In our future tutorials we are going to explain other methods.

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●You may wonder phishing is old,no one clicks the link ,but here are the few tips to get maximum success rate.

•Get to know the victim.
•His interest & Likes as well as Dislikes.
•Test his intelligence.
•Experiment how he react to certain conditions.(While texting)
•Don’t send link at beginning only.
•Wait until he/she trusts you.

*Finally Send the link.

*We Hope This Article Helped You Understand How Hackers Hack Facebook Accounts.

Note :This is just for educational purposes!

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