Earn Money With You tube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine with 3 billion searches a month.

Earn money with youtube

»»Did you know you can earn huge money from you tube!

»»What you need is the content that people are in need, excited to watch, interesting, unknown, cool awesome videos.

»»As you now you tube don’t charge the user’s anything, so it’s free to start and don’t even cost single penny

»»But you can always spend money in order to get more subscribers or views using youtube ad campaigns.

Here are the steps needed creating a youtube channel along with how to earn money from it.

1.First of all, create a youtube channel.

2.Follow all steps carefully to earn money with youtube ,Pick the right name related to your content, if you’re going on multiple topics, then it’s better to put your original name as channel name or any stylish names instead of any content related names like tricky zone, Android solution, etc as you’re going multiple niches.

»But if you’re targeting on the single niche(topic) like Android or tutorials, its good to go with a name related to your channel content.

3.So you created the channel and picked a good name, now the first thing you need before uploading is your own logo to show the pride of channel and also you can use it in videos to show that the content is rightfully yours.

4.Editing, yes its one of the important part in creating videos, the good the editing, the more the people will be interested to see the videos again.

5.While making videos, make sure the steps or the content in the video is clear and good i.e understandable.

6.So let’s just say you recorded or created your first video, now select the best title for the video, select the best description, select good tags related to your topic.

example of tags: Let’s say I uploaded a tutorial to hack facebook accounts, tags should look like below.

how to create facebook

Create facebook

facebook acc

FB acc 2017

facebook account account, etc like this

»As people will search these keywords in youtube, also make sure you place these in the description also.(Add Maximum tags)

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7.So let’s think you uploaded the first video now what? Of course, you need more views and subscribers.

Here are ways to get subscribers and views!

»Social media sharing(share in facebook twitter, etc)

»Ask your friends to subscribe.

»Tell the correct people who are interested in your topic

»selecting good tags and writing good description results in showing your video in youtube searches.

»The good the content, the more the growth of channel.

(i suggest to share maximum in Facebook to any big groups related to your video)

8.I also suggest you to create a blog and write content related to your channel so that you can earn from blog too.

»It will take some time for your channel to grow,become popular so patience is must

9.So now you want to earn money?

Adsense ads

»Adsense is the advertising company by google.

»how to apply for Adsense?

»Well, you need 10,000 views in channel to be applicable for Adsense, then only they accept your channel to show ads.

Here is a guide for applying: Adsense

10.How much they pay?

»It depends on where the audience comes from,i.e like if the audience is from u.s, you’ll get good amount like 3-5$ for 1000 views.

»The more you work the more you earn.

My suggestions:

●Team work is best!

●preplan your future videos list.

●engage with the audience.

●conduct give aways.

●create a facebook page with your channel name.


●ready to accept failure(incase of channel didnt grow,as it takes lot of time and effort)

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