How To Earn Money Blogging


Here is a tutorial on “How to earn money blogging”

So this tutorial is for newbies and starters who don’t know anything about blogging and want to start blogging.and earn money.Earn Money Blogging

Here i’m choosing may wonder why i choose blogger right reason is below.

Blogger: well its a googles company ,which proves us to create unlimited free blogs and with zero extra charges Which means you can use their services for life time without paying anything at all and also most reliable.

WordPress: All through its also free but for extra features like installing cracked plugins,themes ,to connect custom domain it will ask as to buy upgrade plan and also none of those features work.

I have choosen blogger for this reason

So in part 1 i’m going to explain

1.How to create blog.

2.How to write posts.

3.Do’s And Do not’s. to earn money.

1.How to create blog.

Go to and click on create your blog and you will be taken to gmail sign in page ,after you sign in you will be asked to select domain name and title.

How to earn money online

Example: If my blog is about cooking i will select domain like this. or or similar to my content.

And in theplace of title you can place your domain name without too.

Next thing you have to do is selecting best theme for you blog.As your’e starter select default themes and create blog and in next tutorials we are going to provide premium themes for free and how to install them.

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2.How to write posts

How to earn money online

Write posts with atleast 500+ words and make sure there are no mistakes in post and the it is good looking by checking using preview option.Because the good the articles are, the more the users are likely to visit your blog again.

Place an image related to your article,definitely place it because if you don’t add image then when you share you article on social media sites it looks bad without images,no one wants to click the link.

Post on regular basis,atleast post 2-3 articles per day.

3.Do’s & Do not’s


Post articles daily.

Write in a good manner.

Provide images on articles.

Share article links on social media.

Create a facebook page for your blog.

Try to engage with audience.

Do not’s:

Don’t copy paste articles.

Don’t place images from google without editing them.

Don’t post only videos in articles without content.

Don’t leave blog without posting any articles daily

4.Earn money with blog.

Adsense: Best advertising platform from google,they prove ads to be placed on blog and pays per impressions as well as clicks on ads.

Signup for adsense and you can start earning by going here

New blogs will not be eligible for adsense so ,you need to do some work on blog to be eligible.

Mean while try to use amazon affiliate and popcash ads to earn money.

So stay Updated with us for our next tutorial: How to make your blog eligible for adsense

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