Here is a tutorial on how to do SEO for blogger

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  1. Almost lot of new people entering blogging platform prefers blogger because it’s free and costs nothing.
  2. When comes to the SEO, every blog or website needs SEO for sure to get organic traffic.

                                 Let’s see how to do it.s

  • First, enable meta description in your,>settings>search preferences.
  • Then write good keywords related to your website niche, i.e what your website is about.
  • Then write a good article with at least 500+ words.
  • Now find good and low competition keywords related your article either using google keyword planner tool or any other online tools.
  • So after finding keywords just paste them in the “search description” located at right side while writing the article.
  • At the end of the article place the same collected keywords with a heading “tags”
  • ex: tags: keyword 1 keyword2,etc….
  • Then submit your article URL to google, you can do this by using a Google Adwords account.
  • Also, you have to submit to bing, other URL submitting sites.
  • If you follow all the above steps you’ll definitely start to see the traffic from search engines.

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