How to create invisible name id on facebook


◘ So here is a new tutorial on how to create a facebook account with invisible name ◘

*so lets see how to do it.

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1.First of all a facebook account or create a new account.

<before you procceed just remember,this is the easiest way to create invisible name id on facebook,no need of any vpn,etc.>

2.simply download this text file and copy the space in the file(click on select all, and copy).

Download: after copying simply goto your facebook account,if youre going to change name on your previous account then goto change name and just paste the copied space in the fields of first name and second name.
*for new accounts also same procedure,just paste copied space in first name and second name fields*

4.simply procceed with change name or create new account incase of new users.

5.Done now facebook will 100% accept the name.

Now you have created a invisible name id on facebook

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