How to bypass android app lock


Feared of other people checking your personal photos or reading messages or for some other reasons we use app lock.

Lot of people use app lock,also lot of apps available in play store….

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Ever wanted to bypass the app lock and view those hidden messages and pics and find out truth.well this article is for you guys.There maybe lot of cases that you want to bypass app lock ,if you have forgot password may be,etc ….

In this article your’e going to learn how to bypass app lock easily.

Note: This method may not work for few apps.

Now just go to settings in your android device.

Go to apps and head over to the app lock-app then click on disable or uninstall(some apps doesn’t allow uninstalling)

After disabling you can go back and see if the lock is enabled or not and i assure you that if you have disabled app lock software then automatically lock will be removed,you can uninstall also but if you uninstall the user may find out,so it is always better to disable and finish your work and again enable it.

Now you learned how to bypass app lock ,Let me tell you some of best app lock software for you android device.


2.Privacy Knight Applock

3.Norton App Lock

4.Hexlock App Lock

5.App locker: Fingerprint & pin

6.Keepsafe App Lock

7.Finger Security

8.Applock -Fingerprint


10.CM lock


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