Google Just Rewarded A High School Student 10,000 $ ,Read Why

→Google is always ready to pay anyone who finds the bugs in their network.
→Ezequiel Pereira, a student from a high school in Uruguay, found a bug and he has been rewarded 10,000$.

Here is what happened!

⧫He was just got bored, and trying various things on google using a web security tool called burb suite.After some failed attempts he came across’s an internal website which was not secured by any username or hosts various google apps engine apps
⧫Pereira wrote on one of Google’s test hacking site, “The website’s homepage redirected me to “/eng”, and that page was pretty interesting, it had many links to different sections about Google services and infrastructure, but before I visited any section, I read something in the footer: “Google Confidential.”

⧫At this point, i stopped poking at the website and just reported issue right away.
⧫He got multiple emails from Google security team, confirming that he has reported the bug and it was effective.
⧫A month later he got a message from google saying that he will get 10,000 $ reward for finding the bug.
⧫Google also resolved the issue.

⧫Pereira wrote, “The bug has been fixed now, and, according to Google, the large reward was because they found a few variants that would have allowed an attacker access sensitive data.”
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