Blue Whale The Killer Game [130 Teen Deaths]


Killer Game “Blue Whale”

  • ◆Rumoured deadly suicide game originated in Russia
  • ◆Russia has not been able to confirm that the game is linked to 130 teen deaths
  • ◆There have been no reports of the game being played or existing outside of Russia
  • ◆One Argentinian teenaged boy who claimed he was playing Blue Whale took his own life

So What is a Blue Whale Game.?

This is a game originated from Russia through popular social media network (vkontakte)[Popular in Russia]

The game ends after 50 days in which players have given tasks like watching videos from cuttings words or symbols in hands,etc and submit a pic or clip to prove that he/she done task everyday.

Administrators are from the social media network only Vk.Com(vcontakte)

Users can find this game there in groups although police have shutdown these groups again a new group started ,so this continued.

Administrators of group have to accept you to play the game,once accepted they give tasks.

<◆>A journalist working at Radio Free Europe created an account on VK, posing as a 15-year-girl they attempted to join the Blue Whale game. After making contact with a curator they were given their first task, which involved deliberate self-harm.

<●>The transcript of their conversation with the administrator is below…

You can see conversation between administrator and user.


Killer Game Blue Whale

Blue Whale Killer Game

Suicide game

130 teens died due to Suicide game


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