1# Link2SD

Link2SDOne of most power application for root users. It allows you to manage system, and user apps very conveniently. You can easily move installed apps from phone’s memory to external storage, and vice verse. It also allows to freeze, remove, and add system application to save internal storage, and free your RAM.

2# No-frills CPU Control

No-frills CPU ControlIts time to configure the performance of the device. This tiny apps allow user to take control of CPU of device manually. That means you can own set the speed of CPU through selecting different clock frequencies. Also one can set the available governors. →For high performance,and stability, we recommend to set the “Max CPU frequency” to highest value available there, and under “Available governors” select the “performance”.
Check the “Set on boot” box, the apply. Instantly you’ll see a boot in your device performance, it will be visible in all aspect.

3# Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup PROThis app is listed on our list just because of one reason or simply it’s one feature. The feature I’m talking about is backup. The app allows to →backup apps and game with their respective data. No other root app is available which can do the same with high surety to restore them completely. So that means, once you backup the game, after restoring it you’ll be at the same stage or level where you left it before.

4# AdBlock Plus

adblockAnother powerful, and most recommended apps. Who one likes to be served with while playing games, and using apps. This application will prevent all the installed apps, and game to show any kind of advertisements or promotional offers.
So, get it installed to have Ads free experience even when you’re play ad-supported apps or game.

5# SuperUser SU

SuperSUUsually this app is already installed on most of the Rooted device. If you haven’t installed it then you must install it first because this app gives permissions, and privileges to installed root apps, so they can execute further.
Otherwise, apps which requires root to run, won’t be running anymore.  This app must be on top of list.

6# Chainfire3D

Chainfire3DHere comes the Ace of pack. This app is designed, and dedicated to people who loves to play lots of games on their handset, but their wishes been restricted by the device capabilities. This app sits between game, and graphic driver, and improve the compatibility to greater extent through changing commands between two.
To some extent, you can control the game textures, graphics detail, and other parameters to improve the gaming experience, and remove the lags.

7# Seeder

SeederMost of the Android user are not aware of this apps. This single app can significantly improve the stability, and smoothness of the device to good extent. It makes apps switching very smooth, overall User interface will be lag free, and you can own feel it. This is a paid apps but worth all the money. Remember, this application do not improve the performance but instead make it very smooth, and stable.
It ends this of some useful root applications. If you have your favorite app, then let us know. Use them wisely to improve, and enhance the usability of phone, and for high performance too.


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