Here is the list of best android mobiles of 2017

👅As the technology is increasing constantly,usage of android mobiles also increasing rapidly.
✊The number of android users in a confusion on which is best mobile,which one to buy and what are top mobiles,best mobiles.
✊So here are top 5 android devices of 2017.

1.Samsung Galaxy S8

Well this mobile comes with big 5.8 inch QHD display and great design and good performance and camera quality also good.This is the one of the best smartphone to buy.With good gaming performance and good battery backup.


Ram and Storage  :4gb | 64gb
Display                   :5.8 inch
Processor               :2.3 Ghz,octa
Operating System :Android
Primary Camera   :12 MP
Front Camera        :8 MP
Battery                    :3000 MAH
Soc                           :Exynos 8895

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2.Samsung Galaxy S8+

It’s an extremely powerful smartphone, but unlike the S8, this one’s meant for big screen lovers. It has a 6.2 inch QHD display and Samsung’s AMOLED panels look as good as ever. It carries the same design as the Galaxy S8 and is the most ergonomic big screen smartphone today. To make a long story short, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the smartphone to buy if big screen and attractive looks are your priorities


Ram and Storage  :4&6 gb|64&128 gb
Display                   :6.2 inch
Processor                :2.3 GHZ,octa
Operating System :Android
Primary Camera   :12MP
Front Camera        :8MP
Battery                    :3500 MAH
Soc                           :Exynos 8895

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3.Google Pixel XL

After partnering with multiple phone makers over the years, Google has finally produced a smartphone which is made by Google through and through. Right from the software of the phone to the design, everything is done by Google. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 powered device is easily the best Android smartphone you can buy today. It offers a very familiar design and a superb 2K display. Google has also incorporated a brilliant camera on the phone which can easily stand against the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and even the iPhone 7. If 5.5-inch is too large for you to handle, you can go for the 5-inch Google Pixel.

Ram and Storage   :4GB|32&128GB
Display                    :5.5 INCH
Processor                :2.5 GHZ,QUAD
Operating System  :ANDROID
Primary Camera    :12MP
Front Camera         :8MP
Battery                     :3450
Soc                            :QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 821

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4.OnePlus 5

All things considered, the OnePlus 5 is a great smartphone, and it’s even better as an Android phone. In fact, it’s the fastest Android smartphone out there today. For Android lovers, and especially the enthusiasts, the OnePlus 5 is a good phone to consider. It has a commendable but not perfect camera, but it will do the job very well. Combined with decent battery life, it makes for a great smartphone.

Ram and Storage  :6 & 8 GB | 64 & 128 GB
Display                   :5.5 INCH
Processor               :2.5GHZ,QUAD
Operating System :ANDROID
Primary Camera   :20&16MP
Front Camera        :16 MP
Battery                    :3300 MAH
Soc                           :QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 835

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5.LG G6

LG didn’t change a whole lot between the LG G5 and LG G6, which is why this flagship remains behind the OnePlus 3T. However, the LG G6 does follow the newer Univisium standard, allowing it to be compact. With the Snapdragon 821 SoC, this is more or less as powerful as the LG G5 and it has the same wide angle dual-camera setup on the back. Using the same sensors on both cameras, LG was able to allow seamless zoom this time, and the overall camera quality is great. The LG G6 is a decent flagship, one that ticks most of the right boxes.

Ram and Storage  : 4GB|32&64
Display                   :5.7 INCH
Processor               :2.35 GHZ,QUAD
Operating System :ANDROID
Primary Camera  :13MP
Front Camera       :5 MP
Battery                   :3300
Soc                          :QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGOM 821


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