The Cost Of building Apple Park Campus Estimated

Apple park

The Cost Of building Apple Park Campus Estimated

apple park

As we all know Apple lauched iphone 8 ,iphone 8 plus and iphone X last month at the steve jobs theatre inside Apple park or this campus is also known as space ship campus.

The campus has been under development and now finished and they are moving to new building.

A U.S company named Buildzoom has calculated on much it costed to build Apple campus.And they have shared their analysis on how much it costed.Well its very huge amount.

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Acccording to Buildzoom Apple has shed approximately┬á$1,154,652,399 or $1.1 billion (roughly Rs 7,521 crores)­čś│.

But Buildzoom said that  it is an approximate value and original value maybe higher or lower.They just estimated the value from publically allowable building permits that apple filed in cupertino.

What is not included in permit are.Cost of buying land,cost of work by workers and engineers.

Also according to the permit the new spaceship building alone costs┬á$427,570,867 or Rs 2,785 crores. Also apple said that they spend around $15 million and $9 million for the photovoltaic roof and for the outdoor dining facilities.And the steve jobs theatre ,where new iphone models were released costs┬á$179,437,885┬á­čś« or Rs 1,168 crores.


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