Apple Iphone 8 plus Splits While Charging

apple iphone 8 plus.

Apple iphone 8 plus Splits While Charging

While apple iphone 8 and Apple iphone 8 plus was rolled out in India and apple started to sell there is a an issue raised from the buyers from Taiwan.They seem to be facing issue, they claimed that while charging iphone 8 plus with USB cable tthe device split into half,he claimed.
According to images sent by the user Apple iphone 8 plus seems to be splitting because of swollen battery.
The issue was cropped up 5 days after the purchase.After putting up iphone 8 plus for charge the device started splitting up with in 3 minutes.
Also a Japanese customer re tweeted that he got iphone 8 with screen bulging of from the body when purchased.The user said that the handset arrived in same condition.

iphone x
Also an unknown thing about iphone x is it supports wireless charging and it delivers 21 hours of talk time with 13 hrs video playback.An interesting thing is iphone x charges 50% in 30 minutes.

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