Apple iphone 8 Going To Be Launched On September 12th 2017

Iphone 8
➤Apple going to launch iphone 8 on the event of their 10th anniversary.

➤Apple has sent media invites already and the event is scheduled for september 12 ,10 A.M (10:30 pm in india).

➤iphone 8 going to be launched at Apple Park Campus In Cupertino,California.

➤The invite reads “Lets meet at our place.Please join us for the first ever event at apple park,cupertino.

➤There will some new features available on iphone 8.

➤It will come with new 3D facial recognition at top of the phone,front side for unlocking the device and making secure payments.

➤There will be also infrared sensor that will help users to help unlock device in low light conditions too using face recognition.

➤Smart camera with improved sense and object detection.

➤iphone 8 is said to feature inductive charging.

➤iphone 8 has a longer power button on the side.

➤iphone 8 comes with bigger display than previous models and have aspect ratio.

➤Users will be able to tap on the Apple iphone 8 screen to wake up the handset,very much useful feature used on lot of smart phones.

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➤It also includes a virtual home button,which will be replacing the touch id button from other iphone models.

➤It’s also expected to launch iphone 7 and 7s models along side with iphone 8.

iphone 8

iphone 8

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