Apple’s Secret Room

apple's secret room

Last week we got a peek at the interior of apple park’s steve jobs theater.Albeit one covered in plastic and under construction,Now an apple reporter said he has exact details about how things work under the structures giant silver colored roof.

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Neil cybart shown the photos and the image shows the lobby area that extends a story below ground and accessible via two stair cases hugging the sides as well as two elevators.

The exhibit space is located at the circular area in the middle of lobby.up till now,it was not clear how apple would use it.

But it’s been said that once the apple phone,watch and apple TV is shown,then a surprise will be awaiting to the people below the floating saucer and it would be a demo room for apple products.

It also have two custom made elevators available.

As the iphone 8 is launching on the september 12 th 2017 ,i.e with in few days.Those who attend the event will get a surprise from apple for sure by showing the demo room.


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