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Android Oreo

The next generation of Android has been Launched . Android 8.0, also known as ‘Android Oreo’, was launched by Google during the Eclipse in August and has immediately begun rolling out to Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. It is Expected that update will follow soon for Millions of other Android phones.
On the surface , Android 8.0 Oreo is a subtle upgrade, but it adds some really important improvements like improved Battery life and Security . It will arrive on every major Android smartphone released over the next year and would soon be available to all Android users around the world .

So many people have a Doubt on what does this update has on offer and should they upgrade or not . So here in this post we will clear your doubts and inform you on some points about this update .
So which of the Phones will get Android 8.0 update in Near Future? Here is a List
android oreo


Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8 Plus
Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge





U11 Ultra
Along with them , One plus 5 and Motorola X , Z and G series will also Follow on Android 8.0 update soon.

Whats New in Android 8.0 ?

At First Glance you may not observe any Difference in Android 7.0 and this one but it Really Contains some exciting Updates and changes .

Performance :

Every update always claims to have “Performance improvements”, but Oreo really does. Boot times on the Pixel XL went from well over one minute to approximately 15 seconds and apps open really fast . There is also improved cache management as Oreo would automatically delete cached data from apps if performance is about to slow. This is the Biggest major part of the Oreo update.

Battery Life :

Another serious improvement , new limits in Oreo increase control over how apps can run in the background and persistent apps are listed in the notification bar so the user has control over them and close them anytime . Cutting down on rogue app behaviour makes a large difference to battery life and it was observed an improvement of 10-20% improvement on Pixel XL.

Notification Channels :

Notifications are now grouped into ‘channels’ allowing users to customise how they are seen. Every Android update has some changes in Notification Bars and options on how to get Notified and here in Android8.0 as well , we have some . You can also ‘snooze’ Notifications of certain app in Android 8.0 .

Smart Text Selection:

A small but essential upgrade which adds content appropriate apps to selected text. So now, for example, you select a Phone number , you will get phone app alongside which will give you options on creating or adding new contact and many more . No need to copy paste anymore .

Better Audio :

Last but not the Least is Better Audio . Audio is a new low latency API which again will help Android catch up with something iOS has excelled at for some time. So Finally , Android can now Match with IOS in terms of Audio and Speakers (Cheers) .

Final Verdict :

There are some really noticeable upgrades and changes and if any of you guys have an Option of Upgrading to ANDROID 8.0 , you should . You don’t Need to be a Robin Hood Hacker to understand and use Smartphone with Android 8.0 .
android 8.0
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