5 best plugin to increase Your WordPress speed
5 best plugin to increase Your WordPress speed

5 best plugin to increase Your WordPress website speed

When it comes to maintaining the website, it is always important for the admin to follow that how it gets ranking among the other websites. It is also considered to be one of the essential things for the people to maintain. As per the sources, Google also stated that the loading speed of website would also be countable which means ranking factor taken place in this condition as per the rule. We all know that most of the people would like to focus on bringing the organic traffic to their site.

The factor is speed and performance among the search engines is not a deal, but the user experience is always important for the website in terms of speed. When it comes to improving the speed of the site, there might be a chance of getting website visitors to many as possible. One must know that the speed of website while opening the post is essential. If your site goes down, then you may lose your visitors. Sometimes, it will also cause loss to your website. To improve the speed of WordPress, you need to be aware of using the best plugin for your site.


Here we are sharing top 5 plugins which will help your WordPress speed and provide the best performance on your site. So, people who feel for the lazy level of loading of your site can make use of this great opportunity by knowing the best plugin here.

5 best plugin to increase Your WordPress website speed

  1. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is said to be the lightweight catching plugin where you can easily make your site setup. In this plugin, you can find several options and features that will please you in terms of user experience. For instance, if the admin wants to add CDN then it is easy for him/her to include sister plugin. When it comes to setup, it is very simple and flexible for the users to handle. Here, you can easily set up the expiration time as well. You can also find the option like cache behaviour setup which will help to clear after new posts. For your information, it is absolutely free to use.

  1. WP Smush.it

It is the plugin that highly used to optimize the images available on the site and helps to remove the waste bytes available in the image files. This thing leads to your site to perform better in terms of speed. However, one should know that the images may found like providing high quality for the visitors after removing the bytes. But here, the case is different which will offer the original quality as it is available in the post. WP Smush.it will help your site to optimize with JPEG compression. Also, it is functioning on existing images through a plugin which is free for you to use.

  1. Lazy load

If you are looking for the plugin that tackles the loading image, then this could be the best platform to use. Yes, the Lazy load is a plugin that functioning on the images which will not get load due to the large file. One should know it is the main reason that why most of the sites getting a delay in terms of loading and bring the information on a display screen. In this case, Lazy load is the best plugin where your site gets relief and allows the information to load quickly without loading an image and available on display screen.

  1. Better WordPress Minify

When it comes to code files, you can see a lot of empty spaces available which will also lead your site to get load slowly. This better WordPress minify has the potential to remove that empty space by crisping the CSS and JavaScript files and help to load quickly.

  1. WP Fastest cache

Getting more traffic to your site is the main task that most of the people looking for. But somehow, the overload of files may slow down your site at anytime. This thing makes the visitor to unfollow your site. To avoid this issue, WP Fastest cache is the solution where you can get the speed performance on your site. To get all options to work on then getting premium version is the best way to find for your site.


Adcantage of SSL Certificate 
The main motto and feature of Really simple SSL plugin is to secure the site with SSL Certificate. The main advantage of SSL Certificate is to encrypt the data transforming between web server and web browser. This plugin enables the SSL Certificate with a single click and then after the entire site is secured with SSL Certificate. As the name says it all, it is one of the easiest and simplest plugin out of all plugins from WordPress universe.

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