5 Best iPhone X features

As iphone X has rolled out it turned out to be a competition for iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus.
Iphone X is not available to pre order until october 27th.
Shipping of mobile will begin on November 3
As the shipping date of iphone 8 is announched as september 22.Also Read:iphone 8 features

Lets See iphone X features.

1.Edge to Edge oled screen:

iphone x

well the edge to edge oled screen is awesome and it comes with 5.8 inch screen size with 2436 x 1125 resolution.compared to iphone 8 ,iphone X is 200$ more cost.It comes with a curvy edge.

2.Front facing camera is more powerful:

iphone x

It contains infrared camera which means we can take photography in total dark conditions.

And also contains sensors like Flood illuminator,proximity sensor,Ambient light sensor as well as it contains speaker ,microphone,7 mp camera and dot projector front side.

with 7 mp hd camera you can take awesome photos even at low light conditions with auto focus.


iphone x

Animoji is a advanced feature in which using front camera and sensors what ever expressions you do wit your your face it will be shown on screen with animal faces instead of your with all expressions you make.Well i think this is new to iphone users.In simple words iphone x displays your face cartoon pictures.


iphone x

compared to iphone 8 ,iphone X comes with bigger screen of 5.8 inch with curvy edge so you can watch movies and play games with a different feeling and look than other models.


5.Face ID:

iphone x

Face id is also a new feature and you can unlock mobile with your face,and use for payments and transctions.with 3d mapping and recognition features of iphone X it can easily recognise your face.


Few more Details

*It comes with 3GB ram,smooth run of apps and games.
*7.7 gms of total weight and thickness is 7.7 mm.
*Comes with non removable battery and with colors of space grey and silver
*Coming to price ,well it costs about 999$ approx 1000$.

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