Union Public Services Examination is one of the toughest examination in India.
If 100 candidates write prilims, OIT of which 97 candidates may not clear prilims due to these two reasons.
1.Only of Few vacancy.
2.Due to wrong aproach.

So for the sake of UPSC examination candidates we try to give some tips to crack the Civil prelims/Mains.
◆Candidate who have to get success in UPSC must be Fully dedicated to the examination preparation.
◆Revise thrice before the examination.
3.Command on basics.
◆Have full fledged Command on basics.
4.Solve Mock test papers.
◆Solve 10-15 year previous Examination Question papers conducted by UPSC.It helps to Learn the Tricks,management. of time and boost up the speed of solving the problem.
5.Prepare note.
◆Notes help to remember the Topics. and also helps to river quickly when candidate have less time to revise.
make notes on the topic which is very difficult.
Concentrate on General studies like Geography,Current affairs,History,General awareness,logical reasoning and aptitude.
7.Selection of books.
Prefer the NCERT books and Standard books.
Don’t prefer the all books available in market.
8.Make timetable.
◆Make timetable on the exam preparation and strictly follow the time table.
9.Have proper Sleep.
◆Give proper time to sleep which can reduce stress and help to remember the topics.
●Don’t Woke up at night before day of the examination.
◆Confidence is key way to success and be confident during the examination. Don’t get panic because this candidate may forgot everything.
11.Avoid Common mistakes.
◆Avoid Common mistakes which can be arrived during the preparation.
These tricks may help to Crack the UPSC in first attempt.
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