As you read in our previous tutorial, iphone 8 going to roll out on 12th of september 2017,it comes with iOS 11 and lets see some of its features.

 iOS 11

Apple redesigned the app store,which looks similar to apple music and apple news,the new layout will high light one new app everyday and separate tab for the games as well as in-app purchases provided in apps product page and also in search results,so it will be cool and easier.

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Well this feature is already available in android,Now siri understands not only voice commands,now you can type in any questions also.This feature will be very much helpful in noisy conditions.You have to activate type to siri option by going to general settings.

This feature is very useful for any youtube lovers,you can capture screen i.e there will be a built in screen recorder provided in iOS 11.

screen shot,This feature is that whenever you take screenshot you have to go to gallery to preview it,instead iphone provided this feature in which,when a screen shot is taken a small version of screen shot is previewed in screen.

One Handed Key Board,when you have both hands at disposal you can enable this feature to type in with one hand very comfertly,you can enable it by long pressing globe icon in keyboard.

Wifi password sharing,you can share the wifi password when you are connected to a network by taking the connected device close to non connected device,only works with iOS 11.

Air pods,Previously to change tracks,forward users have to double tap airpod to wake siri and then throw a command to change track,now you can adjust settings to change track directly by double tapping air pods.

Apple coming up with the 3D technology touch for apps like safari,imesaage. The new OS let users switch between safari and share url in message and lot more.

Color invert,So this feature is almost available in all devices,worth nothing.This feature changes the color of font,display ,etc,except,media and clips and some dark colored apps.

You can share all files and media with family members or friends, iOS 11 allows you to share common icloud plan with up to 6 members ,you can share everything with them without no extra charges.But only allowed to 6 members.

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